Hilon Nonwoven Products In Agriculture

Hilon Non woven is used in various agricultural purposes, such as as a layer of compost for oil palm plantations and vertical gardens. This confirms that Hilon has covered Indonesia as a whole, both horizontally and vertically.

On a smaller scale, Hilon non woven is also used vertically, namely for vertical gardens, or what is better known as a living fence or green wall. Vertical gardens can create a sense of calm even with limited space. Needle punched felt is what you need to start your own garden. No more need for land and land. The basic felt material for your 'living fence' is innovative, attractive and easy to care for.

This compost layer has been used by the following companies :

  • Astra Agro Lestari
  • Peputra Masarindo group
  • Asam Jawa group
  • Bumitama Guna Jaya Agro group
  • Bumi Maju Sawit group
  • Sinar Pandawa Tbk
  • Kalpataru group
  • Minamas Plantation