When it comes to vehicles and heavy equipment, a strong foundation is essential. Hilon Geotextile plays a vital role in bearing their weight. It firmly binds with soil particles beneath construction sites, reinforcing and fortifying foundations. Yet, it also retains sufficient porosity to ensure proper water flow. This versatile Hilon Geotextile finds diverse applications in civil projects, environmental engineering, and construction ventures. Whether constructing highways, devising erosion control strategies, or installing ground surface drainage systems, you can rely on the proven advantages of Hilon Geotextile.

Hilon Non woven Geotextile telah terakreditasi secara resmi untuk pekerjaan umum, oleh Pemerintah Indonesia. 

Roads, highways, railway tracks that have well-managed drainage depend on Hilon Geotextile. We stand on the eco-sensitive side as well. We proudly utilize Hilon materials in our composting process to transform plantation waste.

Projects that have been handled include:

  • •Tanah Abang - Serpong railway
  • •Cipularang Highway - West Java
  • Surabaya toll road - Mojokerto
  • •Porong road relocation - Sidoarjo
  • •Ir. Juanda International Airport - Surabaya
  • •Juwata International Airport - North Kalimantan
  • Airport Juwata